9-10 Novembre 2021 | Workshop: High-precision BRDF Measurement

The european consortium on optical metrology for material appearance, BxDiff, as well as GDR Appamat and Institut d'Optique Graduate School propose a two-day winter school on high-precision BRDF measurement, including lessons on the state of the art, and a workshop on current research issues.

New requirements in terms of product appearance characterization, regarding gloss in particular, generate a growing demand in and a varied offer of measurement devices. This rapid evolution reinforces the need to develop reference tools and high precision primary metrology, including precise measurand definitions, primary standards, and high-precision instruments.  Most recent progresses in this domain, and same related problems that arise, are the subject of this two-day winter school co-organized by the european consortium BxDiff, founded by Euramet and gathering several metrological institutes and companies from Europe, GDR Appamat, and the Institut d’Optique Graduate School.

Registration to the event is free, but mandatory: see the registration form below

Day 1 – State of the art: optical metrology for appearance

9 december 2021 – Room L125

On the occasion of this winter school, the course day organized by the Institut d’Optique for students of the Advanced Imaging and Material Appearance (AIMA) master is open to all participants. The lessons will be given by Gael Obein from the LNE-CNAM laboratory, also leader of the BxDiff consortium, and other researcher of the consortium.

Appearance and BRDF metrology | Gael Obein (LNE-CLAM)

BSSRDF | Alejandro Ferrero (CSIC, Spain) | SLIDES

Sparkle | Nina Basic (METAS, Switzerland) | VIDEO Sequence 1, Sequence 2

PSF and translucency | Lou Gevaux (LNE-CNAM) | VIDEO

Gloss metrology | Gael Obein (LNE-CNAM) | VIDEO




Day 2 – Research in progress : Speckle effect in high resolution BRDF measurement

10 December 2021 – Room L106

9:00 – Welcome

9:30 – Gael Obein (LNE-CLAM) | Evolution of BRDF measurement: when the speckle effect arose

10:00 – Pierre Chavel (Institut d’Optique Graduate School) | The speckle theory (1) : an introduction

10:45 – Pierre Chavel (Institut d’Optique Graduate School) | The speckle theory (2) : advanced modelling

11:30 – Mathieu Hébert (Institut d’Optique Graduate School and University Saint-Etienne) | Educational demo with optical bench

12:30 lunch

14:30 – Thomas Labardens (LNE-CNAM) | Speckle effect in high resolution BRDF measurements with ConDOR

15:00 – Loic Denis (University of Saint-Etienne) | Removing speckle while maintaining resolution : methods in radar imaging (SLIDES)

15:30 – Myriam Zerrad (Institut Fresnel) | Preventing or using speckle in BRDF measurements

16:00 – Discussion : is the BRDF of a surface the expectation of the signal measured?

17:00 – end